The Miami Finance Forum’s board of directors is comprised of senior business executives from a diverse group of industry sectors. Their expertise and experience level is further enhanced by an extensive network of high-level contacts in the region.

MFF Board Members

Carlos J. Deupi, MFF Chairman, General Counsel, Brilla Group

Raul G. Valdes-Fauli, MFF President, President & CEO, Professional Bank

James Varnadoe, MFF Vice-Chairman, Managing Director, KVR Trade Finance

Jean-Pierre Trouillot, MFF CFO/Treasurer, Partner, KPMG LLP

Gregory M. Santín Vice President, Credit Risk Officer for The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation

Gregory M. Santín,
MFF Secretary,
Senior Vice President,
Commercial Real Estate Banking
Florida Community Bank, N.A.

Nicholas Ferber, MFF Chief Development Officer, Managing Partner, Sanford Barrows Group, LLC

Hank Klein, Vice Chairman of Blanca Commercial Real Estate

Jerry Haar, Ph.D., Professor, FIU College of Business Administration

Julie Neitzel, Partner, W.E Family Offices

Amelia Balonek, Investment Management, Goldman, Sachs & Co.

Ari Roloff, Director at CBIZ MHM, LLC

Erik Bethel, Partner and Co-Founder of SinoLatin Capital

MFF Advisory Board Members

Greg Baty, Vice President, Florida Growth Fund, Hamilton Lane

Melissa Krinzman, Managing Director, Venture Architects LLC

Ian McCluskey, Founder & Principal, Thought Leadership International

Loretta H. Cockrum, Founder, Chairman and CEO Foram Group

MFF Executive Director

Elena Djakonova, Executive Director, Miami Finance Forum