Financial Analyst, GenSpring Family Offices

7-17-2011 10-26-53 AM


This is a role that supports the primary client facing team member – Relationship Manager– responsible for the introduction, implementation and management of GenSpring’s family wealth management process for offshore clients. Has experience in, including, but not limited to, the following areas: asset allocation, investment philosophy development, and financial capital planning within an ultra high net worth capacity. It is essential that this individual can translate from English to Spanish all the related activities with clients.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities of the Financial Analyst:

The Financial Analyst is responsible for working with the Relationship Manager in developing the Investment Policy Statement with the client family and ultimately creating the appropriate asset allocation with the other members of the client service team. Subsequently, the relationship team selects and combines firm-approved investment solutions to fulfill the asset allocation for the client family. The investment process, investment solutions and ongoing investment results must be translated into Spanish and then communicated directly with clients. This necessitates a strong investment knowledge base and strong Spanish translation skillset.
Additional activities that require continuous translation into Spanish

Assist in the collection of the client’s monthly financial institution statements and review for errors, asset changes, etc. Enable transaction activity for the client’s accounts.

  1. Review and analysis of client’s investment inquiries with respect to new solutions that they wish to consider for inclusion in their portfolios.
  2. Development of customized reports in Spanish that will convey necessary investment reporting results.
  3. Utilization of firm resources and communications with subsequent translation into Spanish for client use.
  4. Communication with clients regarding risk/return profile of portfolios and specific investment solutions.
  5. Effectively communicate the firm’s investment philosophy and implementation approach to prospective clients.
  6. Have a strong knowledge base of the cultural and sensitivity issues to client confidential information and how to disseminate data.

Technical Knowledge Effectively Communicated in Spanish and English:
Broad understanding of individual investment strategies across asset classes including alternative investments Global Capital Markets Portfolio management theory.

Essential Skills
Excellent communication skills, oral and written Computer – Microsoft Suite; skills to learn GenSpring presentation skills for prospective and current clients meetings . Working as a team player to support the ongoing client service activities of the office.

To Apply:

Jolue L. Neitzel
GenSpring Family Offices