Miami has the nation’s second-highest concentration of domestic and international banks and other financial institutions. Other than New York City, more banking institutions, domestic and international thrifts, foreign bank agencies and other financial services companies call Miami their home than any other city in North America. In recent years, the proliferation of venture capital and private equity funds, portfolio and wealth management companies along with hedge funds, investment and brokerage firms have provided Miami with a truly vibrant and active financial landscape.

Established in 2006, The Miami Finance Forum, Inc. is a Florida not-for-profit corporation dedicated to provide a network for South Florida’s finance professionals to meet and interact in the community. Other goals include enhancing the knowledge base and professional practices of its members, as well as to create exclusive networking opportunities for professional growth and career development.

The Miami Finance Forum is committed to helping those in the financial community achieve a higher level of contacts and to ensure that Miami continues to attract those individuals who share the same business goals.

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Mission Statement

The Miami Finance Forum is a not-for-profit membership organization comprised of professionals and executives from the world of finance, investment management, banking, capital markets, private equity, venture capital, legal, accounting and related fields. The organization’s main objective is to provide a conduit for its members to meet on a regular basis in order to establish meaningful and relevant business relationships. Through our events, the Miami Finance Forum aims to promote networking and contact among industry professionals, provide its members with educational and career development opportunities, and to create a forum for the general advancement of South Florida as a leading global financial marketplace.

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